Stagecraft and Acting for Opera

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The objective of this class is to build advanced techniques in performance that will help improve the overall presentation of the singing actor, empowering the student with a vast array of tools needed for success on the stage and in the professional opera industry.

 Focus is placed on:

  • helping the student define goals that will accelerate personal growth as a performer;
  • interpreting text, and learning to interpret music in its relation to text and to acting choices;
  • advanced role preparation and character development;
  • the physical aspects of performing that uniquely challenge the operatic singing actor;
  • exploring partnerships onstage, including the basics behind stage combat and keeping any physical contact on stage safe at all times;
  • understanding the context of the operas being explored.

Throughout the course, Frost School of Music students are encouraged to take healthy risks, to explore new possibilities in their performances, to define themselves as interpretive artists, to build expressive communication skills, and to analyze and employ the skills and traits that will ultimately help lead them to success in the opera industry.